Getting started with automation

Written by Menno Verbon

Manager @ Logitail | Netsuite ERP & e-Commerce specialist


Start today, before it’s too late.

Corona, the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis…, the market is quite volatile. Despite these uncertainties, there are some companies that are still doing well. But that is not the case for everyone. Especially now, it is essential to make the shift towards automation in order to save costs in the long term. Because the longer you wait, the more it will cost to catch up. These are the words of Menno Verbon from Logitail.
In the SME segment, there are still many companies that are not well automated, according to Verbon. “Sometimes only a part of the processes is automated, but then the different applications are not linked to each other, creating isolated islands. Others rely completely on Excel, etc. It is often not a coherent story and requires a lot of effort to obtain information. When business is doing well, you don’t see these problems. But in a tougher period, where you really have to watch costs, it is a different story and you would wish that you were better organized and structured to have insight into which areas are profitable and which are not.”


Automation is accessible to everyone and will only become more important in the future to keep track of things, according to Verbon. But where do you start? “We always start by mapping out the needs and pain points of our customers. Then we look at how we can initially achieve some ‘quick wins’ by implementing a good and solid ERP. That’s phase one.” Logitail operates step by step. “We don’t build a complete system and implement everything before going live. No, it happens in phases, so that customers can benefit from the advantages much earlier. We try to make the customer’s processes conform as much as possible to the software rather than the other way around. Then the implementation also goes much faster. We steer as much as possible towards the standard. With 20 years of experience in ERP implementations, we have a good idea of the common denominator in many companies. It’s a good time for a company to take a close look at the entire organization.”


Companies that change and dare to innovate, both internally and externally, are successful companies, according to Verbon. “The world around us is changing very quickly. If you’re not flexible enough to jump on the trends, it will be difficult to remain successful in the future. Look at the developments with your customers and audience, and change with them. Our software helps with that. The advantage of Netsuite is that it is a native cloud solution that has been on the market for 15 years now. The software was developed from a cloud-first perspective and is miles ahead of other packages. You can see that in everything. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Netsuite is one of the visionaries and is highly regarded. A very strong point, for example, is the multi-currency and multi-company functionality. It is built into the core of the software. You only need to create an item or customer once to use it in many divisions. The software is modular and with the different modules we can set up a comprehensive and integrated solution.


It is important to know that all data is located in European data centers and everything is backed up. “So you don’t have to worry about that. All you need is a PC and a browser, from which you have real-time access to all data worldwide. Over the years, Logitail has built up a large number of references from companies in the service sector, wholesale, and logistics companies. The majority are in the Benelux, but Logitail is also making strong headway outside of Europe, particularly due to the perfect e-commerce functionalities of Netsuite. “We are one of the few EMEA certified partners and also serve customers in Australia, America, and the Far North’: Verbon has plenty of ambitions. “As a recognized and solid specialist in Netsuite, we intend to double our revenue in both e-commerce and ERP, as well as wholesale and business services in the coming years.”

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